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Clean Labels

A brand new and innovative labelling solution that is an exciting development and certainly a solution to a very common problem. Removing labels from products such as Tote Boxes that are being continually re-used in the logistics industry presents a unique challenge. Low tack labels offer a partial solution but are commonly 20% more expensive than a standard permanent label, however, over time they also become less removable . Hence we developed Clean Labels.

Old Clean Labels

A Clean Label is a primary label that can be adhered to the product; container, racking or transport cages, and remains on the product for its life cycle. Any temporary labels showing delivery destinations, pallet locations or even product information are placed onto the Clean Label and the labels can be removed cleanly and effortlessly 100% of the time without leaving any residue, EVEN PERMANENT LABELS.

This offers a number of real benefits:

Clean Labels can be manufactured in a clear or white filmic material, using a BS5609 adhesive that will guarantee a strong bond to your product and printed with generic information in order to meet your exact needs.

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